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Estelle Cainey

Personal development life coach and energy facilitator

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 Estelle Cainey
Expert at high frequency conscious choices and drawing out your authentic self
Estelle is connected to the highest frequencies of decision-making on this planet.
She will connect you to these frequencies, so that you can:
        • Make the most enlightened choices for your life and work right now
        • Clear away anything obstructing your most enlightened choices
        • Make choices in alignment with your core values
        • Make the highest decision in any given moment
If you are already connected to high frequencies of decision making, Estelle is ready to work with you to strengthen, enhance and fine tune your connections so they become precise, powerful, instant and even more accurate.
Once Estelle has assisted you to make these highert level choices
you will be able to:
  • Act for the highest good of yourself, others and the planet
  • Achieve our life purpose more powerfully and easily
  • Have true balance, joy and peace in your life
  • Live powerfully in expression of your core values
  • Consistently be your truest self
  • Operate at the highest spiritual frequency that resonates for you





Estelle Cainey is the mentor to mentors


She works with people like you who are already at a high level of spiritual awareness. She will fine tune your spiritual acuity and up grade your consciousness to its highest, most optimum levels.


Estelle's works with Fractology, a precise system, based on quantum mechanics, chaos theory and fractals. Fractology is at the cutting edge of spiritual technologies, it is super-efficient, potent and on target. Fractology is used by people who seek the highest upgrade in their life, and wish to move forward, and continue to express their authentic self  

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