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Estelle Cainey

Personal development life coach and energy facilitator

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Are you a holistic facilitator and or someone who is seeking an expert in the fields of quantum consciousness facilitation, who can safely help you align and strengthen your energies to the next level of your evolution? You have come to the right place, I am Estelle and I facilitate the following:                                            
          • frequency upgrades
          • tune ups
          • enhancements
          • aligning and strengthening of your frequencies
... enabling you to continue strengthening who you are having the opportunity to continue enjoying health and vitality!

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Are you experiencing any of the following? ...
          • Unhappiness
          • Overwhelm
          • Overcoming loss of a loved one
          • Disconnected with yourself and with life
          • Lost trust with everything
          • Old habits and behaviours constricting your energy
          • Giving away your power to negative situations

 Estelle can assist ... how?

By providing save and sacred space, in quantum, that enables you to rest, rejuvinate and expand your energies.   Specialists unique to the needs of each individual, are invited in to help facilitate the greatest shifts possible for you.... be it at Estelle's practice room, or via skype, distance and place is irrelevant, the results transformative ... life changing and long lasting.
Then, within this sacred oasis, Fractology and more, is applied, to assist with significant energetic rebalancing, clearing, stabilising, strengthening and much more, including applications of life coaching techniques, specific to the client, to anchor in gained awareness and aligned energies!
Are you ready to truly allow yourself to be free, happy, whole and aligned?
Click: Contact Us to find out more, and help Estelle customise your Fractology programme, to your specific needs ...

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